I came into the fold of the greater mysteries, under the umbrella of the lesser mysteries, called  Islaam. My journey can be described as taking along walk on a very short path, and   I share the journey with you.

My Journey began in Brooklyn, New York, and has brought me to many places around the world. Travel broadened my vision, and transformed me from a wild child to a humble soul. An expanded mind can never regain it's original size.


25 years hascome and gone in my life, I find it essential to share what was passed on to me. Our generation has become the sum total of all those who have came and taught before us.  All the pieces of the puzzles has come together. I joined my clan as a Rough Ashlar, and in the 25 year process, the rough became smooth.


It's been an incredible journey.  I   gained many skills Along The Way. Though I paid a heavy price , it was a  price worth paying



Aamun Jamaal El