It's been an incredible journey.  I m​anaged to gain many skills Along The Way. I paid a heavy price , However a price worth paying



With over 25 years of Higher Knowledge, I find it essential to share what as given to me. Our generation has become the sum total of all those who have came and taught before us.  All the pieces of the puzzles has come together. I joined my clan as a Rough Ashlar, and in the 25 year process, the rough became smooth.under intense pressure, I didn't crack nor fold, instead I transformed , to a glistering Diamond.





The journey began as the son of Son of the Geen Light, under the guidence of El Qutb. Also called oh light. My journey led me to sit under the great master, In the Great lodge, #19, the ancient and mystical order of melchezedek. When I was mature, I made my way to Egypt, under the Ancient Egyptiian Order. My journey has brought me to places on the planet.  We are no longer seperated by borders. 

I came into the fold of the greater mysteries, under the umbrella of the lesser mysteries,, Islaam. My journey can be decribed as taking along walk on a very short path.  I share the journey with you.


Aamun Jamaal El



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